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  • Online individual lessons with native tutors
  • Interactive learning in virtual classroom
  • Student`s content management
  • Built-in HD video calls
  • No Zoom or Skype.
  • Special interactive platform for language learning
  • Lots of exercises,puzzles and tests to make your learning inspiring and exciting
  • You don’t have to check answers,the platform can do this for you


  • Interactive platform and learning management system
  • Use and manage a course in one place
  • Select an optimal selfstudy speed
  • Built-in dictionary and translator; vocabulary drill mode
  • Interactive, exciting exercises
  • Automatic exercise checking
  • Lessons are available on all devices
  • The platform will automatically adapt to your smartphone or tablet to ensure a seamless experience

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Our success stories

Helmi Ylisirniö

I` m   Finnish girl married to Azerbaijani guy and was really eager  to learn my husband`s native language. I really enjoyed my lessons and the way of teaching.It was amazing.

Rahim Heydarov

I passed all my exams from the first try. I highly recommend the Dutch course to anyone interested in learning this language and preparing for Inburgering exams.

Firuza Pashayeva

I enjoyed learning German with Joyzone.Their goal seems to be to give you the most essential information first so you can start using the language sooner. And there’s time to learn the details later.

Judy Sewell

Russian course is very well thought out and certainly improved my reading, writing and comprehension skills.Your Russian will undoubtedly improve if you stick to this course..

Richard Wolf

Learning with Joyzone was very enjoyable, and significantly helped improve my Turkish.  I received great  support, beyond my expectations, and I would happily recommend the course to others.

Bahar Hodaei

I really enjoyed learning English with Joyzone.The animations and exercises are exceptionally helpful.It caters to your needs as you can progress faster in learning this language.

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