Hi! Welcome to Joyzone!

My name is Sevinch and it means Joy in my native language.I was born and raised in Azerbaijan,a fascinating country, which is linguistically and ethnically very close to Turkiye but has been a part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union for many years.So,besides my native language,which is Azerbaijani,I feel privileged to speak Turkish and Russian fluently.
I studied English and International Journalism at Baku State University  and used to start my career in Public Relations.
Later I`ve got my 2d education in Learning&Development and started for my freelance coaching career.
Without a doubt,I would still be doing this, if I had not one day moved to the  Netherlands.It was a real challenge for me to integrate a new country,to understand what’s going on in a brain when you try to acquire another language and culture. 
So,that`s how I`ve created  Join Dutch project, dutch language and exam preparation courses for the newcomers to the Netherlands. 
Besides,I found that most of Azerbaijani families, living in Europe, have a huge lack of native language.
So,thats how I`ve founded Milli Dilli project teaching Azerbaijani language for bilingual Azerbaijanis all over the world.
I became a full-time Language Coach when I decided to blend what I love to do and what I am good at: languages.
So,these days I teach online Dutch,English,Russian,Turkish and Azerbaijani.No Zoom or Skype, you study 1+1 through the special language learning platform with built in HD-video calls,animated lessons,exercises,puzzles,tests,dictionary, vocabulary drill to make your learning inspiring and exciting.Or you can switch to selfstudy mode as well,choosing your optimal learning speed and enjoying all options of learning management system.
My new passion brings  me a real joy and am happy to share this amazing emotion with others.
So, welcome to Joyzone where starts your exciting language learning journey!